Frequently Asked Questions

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Your boost campaign is launched upon receipt of your payment. “Ultra-fast delivery” option (free) allows you to receive your order faster, in few hours (no more than 8). The standard delivery is a progressive delivery method, which seems more natural.

The purchase of followers and likes does not involve any risk. The promotion methods and strategies that we are using are natural and in accordance with Social Media policies (TOS). Social Media only blocks software which requires your password. We don’t need or use your password, so we don’t violate Social Media terms and service, so you won’t have any issues with your account.

The accounts are real and active accounts. They come from our partner sites on which we distribute your content. We have an ecosystem of followers and when you purchase we send notifications to our follower pools of the existence of your accounts. We also use Social Media sponsoring to advertise your profile to targeted accounts.

Our team will analyse your social account. By looking at your posts, hashtags you used, and with the help of Instagram’s algorithm and our A.I., we work to find relevant followers for your fan base, to help your account grow rapidly and efficiently.

We’ll then target followers who have been or expressed interest in what you put. It could be hashtags, a country, nationality, genders, interests, etc.

Sometimes people who subscribe to your account are not interested in your content and unsubscribe. To remedy this, we offer an unsubscribe guarantee of two years that is included in every package.

We guarantee you during the 2 years following your order the number of subscribers purchased. This guarantee is included in every package we sell.

Just write to us via the chat or email and we’ll stop it.

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